Post OP Day 4

So, four days ago I had my gastric bypass surgery. My surgery went well, and I came home the next day. I did have some pain on Saturday morning, my pain level went from a 4 to a 9 within 20 minuets. Of course this happened right at nurse change over. Once the next dose of pain medicine was given, along with nausea medicine, I began to feel much better. I was able to go home later in the day.

Norco was my friend on Sunday and Monday, however, today I have only taken Tylenol. The liquid only diet is kinda boring, but I am not hungry. I am actually having a hard time eating the required amount of food and protein shakes. It doesn’t help that my 18 month old came home today and drank half my protein shake.

Today, I walked around the park for 13 min, and it felt pretty good. I even went to the fabric store to pick up materials for new projects. After watching a lot of TV for two days, and watching many food commercials, I realized I need  to explore my hobbies during my recovery to keep my mind off my old eating habits. So I will be sewing, reading, and of course grading.


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