Why Gastric Bypass

I have been asked by several people why I decided against the Gastric Sleeve, they wanted to know why I would do something as drastic as the bypass. In reality, all weight loss surgery is drastic, to reach a point in our lives that warrants surgery to cope and repair is drastic. No matter which option people choose, it is not a cure all. The surgery will fix the eating, but not the mind.

Originally my intention was to have the sleeve procedure, and I have friends that have been very successful with the sleeve, and friends that have success with the bypass. The gastric sleeve is a great option for some, but it is not the right option for me. At my first bariatric appointment, my BMI was 48.9, clearly morbid obesity. My doctor was amazing; we discussed the pros and cons of each procedure, and he gave me the time to make the decision.

This decision was causing inner turmoil. Was the gastric sleeve enough? Would it help me deal with and overcome my food issues? Would I lose enough weight? I truly believe that I knew all along that I need the gastric bypass. I need the sugar sensitivity. I need the dumping syndrome. These side effects will become my tools, they will become my part of my success. They will keep my body in check while I heal the mind.

So why Gastric Bypass? It is the right weight loss surgery for me.


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